Learn to Play the Harp

Have you ever wanted to play the harp but didnít know where to go for lessons? Both Lori Pappajohn and Janelle Nadeau specialize in adult beginners. This is your chance to become a harpist. You will be amazed at how easy it is to play the harp and how quickly you will learn.

For lessons with Lori contact: winterharp@telus.net

For lessons with Janelle contact: janelle_nadeau@hotmail.com

If you are an intermediate player, or if your child wants to learn the harp, contact Janelle.


Janelle & Lori

Rent a Harp

Want to learn the harp, but you donít have one to practice on?

You can rent a Celtic lever harp from Lori Pappajohn for $75 a month.

These are the same harps Lori performs and records on. They have a beautiful tone and love to be played. These harps are pictured in the photo below.

To rent a harp, contact Lori at: winterharp@telus.net

Harp Workshop

Watch for Lori Pappajohn's 2-day summer workshop at the beautiful Silver Hills Spa near Vernon. Here is a photo of an impromptu workshop that incorporated kids, adults, costumes and horses.


Sheet Music

From Lori Pappajohn and The Winter Harp Carol Collection

Hear samples of the songs on the CD page.

Payment through PayPal or credit card. To order sheet music listed below, contact winterharp@telus.net.


From the CD Celtic Harp for Christmas

I Wonder as I Wander -- One of the most hauntingly-beautiful arrangements for intermediate level. As performed by Lori Pappajohn and Winter Harp.

Solo harp $7
Harp duet $15


From the CD Celtic Harp of Dreams

Each song is $5

Then Shall I Love Thee - Key of Dm or Em. This is the arrangement Lori Pappajohn performs as a harp solo or harp & voice. Beginner/intermediate level.

Harp solos in C minor. For beginner/intermediate players. Both of these are simple, but beautiful arrangements -- the same arrangements on the CD which is how Lori Pappajohn performs them.

What Could Have Been/Tatlayoko Fall
Mountain Lake


From the CD Harp Dance

Logan Water - harp solo $7
Logan Water - harp duet $15 (also comes as 2 harps & flute)


From the CD Christmas Night

In the Bleak Mid Winter - harp, alto voice, flute, cello (key of C) $10
Huron Carol - 2 flutes, harp & cello (cello is optional) $10


From the CD A Night in Winter

O My Babe - for alto, flute and drone. Also available for bass flute or cello instead of flute $7


From the CD The Bullfighter's Daughter

Latin and Spanish-inspired music. Intermediate level.

Girl in the Red Skirt -- dramatic and lively. In a similar style to Deborah Henson-Conant's Baroque Flamenco.

Solo harp $10
Harp duet $15



A lively harp duet $10


After the Rain

A fun samba for solo harp $8



An elegant renaissance-styled piece for 2 harps $10