Winter Harp's
25th Anniversary

Time has flown so fast that it's hard to believe that this is our 25th Anniversary. It seems it was just yesterday that co-founders Alan Woodland and Lori Pappajohn thought they'd put a small concert of carols and stories together. Over the years that small concert has grown to include tours in Canada and the USA as well as TV and radio specials and 14 albums.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we have a special concert for you featuring some of our most popular carols from the past 25 years. Plus we're performing some gorgeous new carols. In short, we're going to wrap you snuggly in that warm, velvet cloak of winter and Christmas. Think: firelight, snow and a million stars.

While we have our usual rare medieval instruments, this year we've added yet another -- the hurdy-gurdy. And back with us is our incredible singer/harper Roger Helfrick.

So here is a hearty invitation to come celebrate 25 years with us.

Winter Harp -- Christmas begins here!

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